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Psychotherapy is a process of relational care, so that you can begin to mend your heart and soul and tend to the pain in your story.  Our desire throughout this journey is to be a helpful and hopeful guide as you gain insight into your life, which will enable you to develop a deeper sense of connection, meaning, and purpose.  

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Integrative Psychotherapy

We offer a variety of modalities to treat individuals, children, adolescents couples and families. We believe that each individual and family have great potential to overcome hardships and difficulties. Our goal is to help you overcome roadblocks in order to live a more meaningful and balanced life.  Our approach is one of health rather than pathology. We believe all people want deep healing and are capable of achieving wholeness. Our approach is holistic. We view the problem as an imbalance occurring at multiple levels, from cellular biology to individual psyche, to family systems. In a non-judgmental, compassionate environment we help in exploring the various causes of psychological distress in order to promote optimal health and well being.   

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Our Therapy Services


Individual, couple, group and family therapy

We Treat

  •   Addiction
  •   Codependency
  •   Childhood disorders
  •   ADD/ADHD
  •   Autism spectrum disorders 
  •   Anxiety and panic disorders
  •   Mood disorders and Depression
  •   Personality Disorders
  •   PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  •   Eating disorders
  •   OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  •   Intergenerational Family Trauma

Treatment Modalities

  •   Parent education 
  •   Child & Adolescent treatment
  •   Biofeedback/Neurofeedback
  •   Solution focused therapy
  •   Grief counseling
  •   Post divorce adjustment
  •   Psychodynamic therapy
  •   EMDR for stress & trauma 
  •   Family Systems/Gestalt 
  •   Hypnotherapy 
  •   Reiki
  •   Family/Systemic Constellations

Do we take insurance?

Yes, in most cases we do. Please inquire with the therapist you are interested in working with.

Note: Some modalities of treatment are not covered by insurance. We are very happy to work with clients on a case by case basis and can bill out of network when applicable.